Hot stone massage -LaStone

Hot stone massage and Hot and Cold stone massage therapy is available at my treatment suite near Plymouth.

In 2007 I trained with the UK’s leading LaStone therapist Jane Scrivner. This original hot and cold stone massage technique was developed by Mary Nelson in 1993, Mary was from Arizona in the United States. Ten years later Jane Scrivner collaborated with Mary Nelson to write the first LaStone, hot stone massage manual.  I feel very privileged to have been trained first hand by such an experienced therapist.

The origins of hot and cold stone therapy were inspired by the native American Indian traditions and beliefs, which incorporates the benefits of chemical, physical and spiritual healing within the body.

A LaStone, hot and cold stone therapy treatment aims to create balance and harmony on all levels.

LaStone therapy delivers the principal of geothermotherapy which is the alternating application of heated and chilled stones to the body. The stones are applied either through massage, or placed under and on top of the body. Each hot and cold stone treatment is unique, depending on the outcome required by the client.

Hot basalt stones are used to warm and relax muscles dispersing toxins and relieving aches and pains. Cold marble stones are used to flush out toxins and reduce inflammation. Together they produce a deep penetrating massage like no other.

  • The benefits of a LaStone hot and cold stone massage:
  • Promotes healing by stimulating the circulation, delivering oxygenated blood to all areas of the body.
  • Removes toxins, by increasing the body’s metabolic rate, which processes foods and toxins in the body.
  • Helps cellulite and boosts immunity by increasing lymph function.
  • Relieves aches and pains by relaxing tight muscles and relieving tension.
  • Relaxes, rejuvenated and calms the whole mind and body.

LaStone is the original and finest Hot and Cold stone massage technique and is a luxurious treat

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