Pregnancy massage Plymouth

I specialise in pregnancy massage in Plymouth. They are of great support; relieving many of the emotional and physical discomforts of pregnancy through careful massage and relaxation techniques using baby safe, essential oils.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time but can involve many changes both emotionally and physically. Your body is continually striving to maintain a healthy environment for the growing baby, which can, in turn, put a great strain on you, due to your changing emotions, shape and posture.

When you are relaxed, it will have a positive effect on baby

Baby Libraessence massage treatments relax you and your baby and that is a naturally good thing.

Your treatments are adapted to the changes that occur throughout the three trimesters. Before each treatment, we review your progress and take into account your medical history, present health and stage of pregnancy. That way your massage is designed specifically for you.Pregnancy and birth is a natural process and you deserve the reassurance all will be well here in the South West.

Sharing the birth helps build bonds

Having a birthing partner can be a very positive experience for both you and baby.

A 90 minute instruction session provides a brilliant set of skills for your birthing partner. They will be able to play an active part in the birthing experience, using gentle massage strokes and essential oil blends to enable you stay calm and in control.

and after baby is born…

A postnatal recovery massage will help to restore your body to its pre pregnancy condition. It will  realign your posture and help correct muscular changes that have taken place during pregnancy. In this period you can suffer from fatigue and discomfort, and this will be helped by the soothing effect of personal attention and pampering.

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