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In 2016 I qualified as a certified Infant and Baby Massage instructor (CIMI) with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). After being a massage therapist since 1999 it’s amazing being able to teach baby massage to new parent’s. I have discovered it’s so much more than just teaching strokes.

As a certified Infant and Baby Massage instructor (CIMI & IAIM), the Infant and Baby massage classes I run are small, relaxed and child led. The parent learns to recognise cues from their baby, which helps the infant to feel loved and understood, in turn this helps with bonding and secure attachment. Massage naturally produces the love hormone Oxytocin which will help to relax you both.

Some other benefits include:

Helps baby to relax which aids sleep

Pain relieving, such as teething and digestive problems

Learning a colic massage routine

Reduces crying and emotional distress

Helps babies to develop awareness and co ordination

Helps the parent to understand their baby, which in turn makes them more confident and relaxed

Both parent and baby will benefit from the ‘one to one’ time they spend together

Each baby massage course lasts five weeks and are at my farmhouse in Down Thomas, near Plymouth in South Devon. The classes are small, with a maximum of 5 dyads (parent and child couples). Session last 60 minutes with time for discussion and light refreshments afterwards. Each week you will receive a handout with diagrams of the massage strokes and techniques you have learnt. We will revisit the previous week’s massage strokes and add new ones, so that by the time you have completed the five week course, you will be confident enough to give a full massage to your child.

What is provided

Massage Oil for the 5 week course

Parent Booklet

Yoga mats, pillows and cushions

Free parking

Light refreshments

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The course was brilliant, Sue is a great teacher and Lola and I were both sad to see the course end! I will recommend this course to all my new Mum friends.I loved the ice breakers.  I felt very comfortable.  Sue created a lovely, welcoming and relaxing environment.

L.B Plymouth

Sue was an excellent teacher and very patient with the babies.  I loved interacting with my baby and feel we have bonded more as a result of the classes. My baby very much enjoyed his tummy being massaged and this really helped with his colic

Sue always started the class with an icebreaker, which helped everyone relax with each other.  Sue also encouraged us to feed/cuddle/settle our babies when needed.Sue was an absolutely excellent teacher and I have thoroughly enjoyed the baby massage course, and I have continued to use a lot of what I have learnt at home with my baby.

L.A Plymouth

I liked the group aspect, Seeing other children’s interaction and chatting with Mums. Thank you Sue, for the opportunity to bond with my baby.

D.S Plymouth

A very interesting and useful course, with lots of supportive feedback.  In a lovely setting, very hospitable and relaxing.  I learnt a lot!

D South Devon

I learnt that I didn’t have to give a full massage every time, I could use the facial massage for teething, tummy massage for colic and leg massage while changing a nappy.I felt very comfortable in the class, it was a relaxed friendly atmosphere, with refreshments after the class to help me get to know everyone, cushions on the floor, group discussions, toys for active babies, breastfeeding absolutely fine to do.

R.R Cornwall

Hi Sue
D is still asleep from when we left you this morning!!

I just wanted to email and thank you for the last 5 weeks, we both thoroughly enjoyed the course, it’s a perfect first little group for when they are young.
As a mum of 3 it’s particularly nice to actually have that hour a week completely dedicated to spending time and bonding with the baby – with no distractions!!
The set up and class size was perfect and so relaxing for us both and it was particularly nice to have that time at the end to have a cup of tea and chat.
We could easily just have kept coming!
Take care & thanks again.

KP Devon

Thank you so much for teaching me baby massage

I feel like me and P have bonded even more. Thankyou for your lovely classes, we have both thoughley enjoyed them. (and the biscuits)

Love S & P xxx

“Learning to massage your baby is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your baby.
This skill will benefit both you and your infant.”