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Libraessence massage therapies are as individual as you are. My initial consultation makes sure you have a safe and beneficial massage treatment.


Aromatherapy massage combines the physical and emotional effects of massage with the therapeutic properties of essential oils. Essential oils are a natural product extracted from plants, trees, leaves, rhizomes and fruit. A synergy of oils is blended especially for you, to achieve a beneficial bespoke treatment.


Reflexology works on the principal that there are energy zones running throughout the body, which are mirrored in the feet and hands. A reflexology treatment is aimed at keeping these energy zones free following. This is achieved by stimulating reflex points on the feet, which correspond to the body’s entire anatomy. This treatment can benefit conditions such as hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, or any condition related to stress. A course of treatments is recommended.

LaStone massage

The original hot and cold stone massage developed by Mary Nelson in 1993. A LaStone treatment is a multi level experience combining massage, thermotherapy, energy and healing work, which is all delivered through hot basalt and cold marble stones. A LaStone treatment works to a very deep level with penetrating massage techniques and stone placements. Read more

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is a slow rhythmical massage that uses the elasticity of the skin to stimulate the lymphatic system. This encourages the system to work more efficiently, decongest areas of stagnation, removing excess fluid and waste material. This treatment is beneficial for general fluid retention, bloating, cellulite, puffy eyes, sinus conditions and lower immunity.

Indian head massage

Indian Head Massage is carried out in a sitting position, alternating relaxing and stimulating massage techniques. This can clear the head and focus the mind, also can be beneficial for neck and shoulder tension, headaches, migraine and sinus conditions.

Fertility massage therapy

Fertility massage is a wonderfully nurturing treatment which includes traditional massage strokes with acupressure, reflexology and robozo techniques. This treatment will prepare the body by improving blood supply to the reproductive organs, improving nerve pathways, balancing hormones, strengthening the immune system and releasing tight muscles and ligaments. This treatment will also support you through any ART programme that you are undertaking. You will also be given information on charting and ways to prepare your body in the most natural way to becoming a mother. Read more

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is a time of great change both emotionally and physically. The body is continually striving to maintain a healthy environment for the baby, which can put a great strain on the pregnant woman due to changing shape and posture. A specialised pregnancy massage can be a great support, relieving many of the physical and emotional discomforts. Read more

Postnatal massage

A postnatal massage will help to restore the body to its pre-pregnancy condition. It will help realign the postural and muscular changes that have taken place during pregnancy. In the postnatal period the mother usually suffers from a certain amount of fatigue and discomfort, this will be helped by a little attention and pampering. Read more

Couples labour massage instruction

Most women in labour choose to have a birthing partner, this can be a very positive experience for both. A 90 minute instruction session will give the birthing partner the techniques to play a more active part in the birthing experience. Read more

Baby massage classes

As a certified Infant Massage instructor (CIMI & IAIM), the classes I run are small, relaxed and baby led. The parent learns to recognise cues from their baby, which helps the infant to feel loved and understood, in turn this helps with bonding and secure attachment. Read more

Baby Reflex classes

Baby reflex is a simple version of a Reflexology treatment enabling parents to ease many of the common discomforts a baby might have. Baby Reflex is taught over a three week period. Each week has a different theme: Sleeping and Comforting; Feeding and Digesting; Wellbeing.


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life Energy’. A Reiki treatment is a simple technique of palm placements.  The benefits of this very gentle treatment are stress reduction, deep relaxation and encouraging the healing process.

Ayurvedic facial massage

The non surgical facelift massage, based on the ancient Indian medical science of Ayurvedic healing. This unique massage is a very gentle relaxing treatment which releases muscular tension and stimulates pressure points. This is an ideal treatment for ironing out fine lines caused by muscular tension and removing puffiness by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Hopi ear candling (Thermo auricular therapy)

Ear candles have been used in many cultures as an effective natural therapy since ancient times. The candles are made from organic cotton with pure beeswax, honey extract and essential oils. This very relaxing treatment calms and de-congests.

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